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iration steppas


Mark Iration, the founder member of Leeds-based sound system Iration Steppas, has always been an avid follower of roots and culture events around the country. He was inspired by such sound systems as Jah Shaka - with his intense spiritual focus, and Jah Tubby's with their 'hooligan' style of deejays. Encouraged by friends, along with his ever expanding record collection. Mark decided it was time to make his own impact on the world of sound system. In 1990, Iration Steppas sound system was formed.

Mark took a change of direction from the traditional style of delivery by using DAT tapes to play his exclusive unreleased mixes of dubs. The traditional method used by his mentors was to play 'dub plates' as acetate 10 inch discs (normally used for mastering purposes) and the roots community took some time to adjust to this new approach. Over the years the method became an integral part of Iration Steppas sound system, whom now also utilise Minidisc and CD for even greater dubwise flexibility.

06-04-2002Iration Steppas' vast experience of playing alongside other sound systems brought them head-to-head with original mentors Jah Shaka and Jah Tubby's. What followed was an endless stream of dub encounters with numerous sounds including Aba Shanti Freedom Masses and Disciples Ziontrain, and the legendary sir Coxsone. The sound has seen members come and go over the years, but Mark has held firm to his musical mission. Mark's partnership with Dennis Rootical gave birth to their own 'Year 3000 style of dub production, now recognised world-wide. Since then, the High Rise studio in Leeds has been unleashing their cantankerous dubs, which always come with the 'Year 3000' warrantee!

The sheer scale of a full sound system means that you can't take it everywhere you go, but Iration Steppas had to spread outernational! Guesting on resident sound systems and PA's, they have taken their vibes right across Europe, and even as far as the USA and Japan. This has led to them supporting such legendary acts as Burning Spear, Israel Vibration, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Scientist and Mad Professor - to name but a few. As well as playing as a sound system, Iration Steppas have also appeared on stage as a live dub outfit at huge festival events world-wide, with Mark mixing live from 8-track ADAT tapes and Dennis Rootical on bass guitar they take the audience into a new dimension of dub.

Some might say the Iration Steppas are far removed from the traditional sound of reggae but the same might well have been said of King Tubby and Lee Perry when they first started to push the musical boundaries! Moving forwards ever and backwards never, they continue to play a crucial part in the world of dub - the unstoppable force that is Iration Steppas.


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